Since 2014 we have been helping SMEs, Startups and institutional investors to meet in long-term relationships of innovation and growth. Twin Advisors breaks down the borders with a global vision and local action

The advisor is not an option for Startup, SMEs and investors. For SMEs it is a way of enhancing the market with both internal and external growth. For Technological Startups it’s a way to get ready to grow up. For investors, the advisor is a means of evaluating investment opportunities. Twin Advisors & Partners is a specialist for the Italian market to support SMEs who decide to approach the Capital Markets.

Capital Markets

Our experience in supporting Italian and European SMEs includes strategic support, the creation of business plans and relations with investors.
In Capital Markets we have experience of support in Italy and in Europe for issues of listed and unlisted bonds. We work with Investment Banks and Financial Intermediaries licensed by the authorities in the various countries

Space Economy

Let’s scout for startups that work in the new space economy.
We do it in Italy and in Europe. The Space Economy with the opening to private investors represents a fast growing industry. Enabling technologies with lower access costs to space will create new Startups and SMEs. Both in upstream and downstream. We are present in the European network and we are currently working in Italy with the most representative and institutional players.

Media Relations

We are present on social networks. Our media relations, however, are developed in Italy by our local managing partner Alessandro Sannini with a Blog on the online newspaper Linkiesta and as a columnist every Monday at the young and promising Italian television company Le Fonti.Tv. The episodes can be viewed onYouTube or in live streaming from any part of the world in Italian. Online and offline communication is part of our DNA.

Company Informations

Twin Advisors & Partners is a registered company with number 09272273 with registered office in Finsgate, 5-7 Cranwood Street, London, EC1V 9EE. Twin Advisors & Partners does not work on activities that require licensing of the Financial Conduit Authority.
For any request and information you can write an email and you will be contacted soon.