Leo’s digital eyes recognize people and distances between them and with good manners he warns with a sound signal.

LEO helps you stay apart but close.

With the start of Phase II Post Covid-19 we will have to deal with a change in habits and with the introduction of new automatisms: respect for social distancing will be fundamental and mandatory, such as fastening the seat belt in the car or putting the motorcycle helmet. Installed in public or normally crowded places such as offices, companies and common areas, LEO calculates the minimum safety distance between people and, if they are too close, warns them with an acoustic signal. The operation of LEO is similar to that of smoke alarms: once installed on the ceiling, this small concentrate of technology safeguards the safety of people and ensures compliance with current regulations also in terms of privacy. LEO does not collect any data and does not connect to any device; its installation is as simple as its operation: no connection to networks and devices. The effectiveness of LEO depends on an optical device that warns the crowding and communicates it with an acoustic signal. His name is a tribute to the genius of Leonardo da Vinci, the Lion of San Marco, Italy and its artistic and technological excellence. Its heart is contained in a solid whose multifaceted forms pay homage to “De Divina Proportione”, the great study conducted by Leonardo with Luca Pacioli. Its particular symmetry on a pentagonal basis reflects the mathematical intelligence which is hidden inside the object and which makes it possible to function. LEO is produced by Wi4b S.r.l, a company specialized in designing solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), in collaboration with the Design Factory 21AM and with Twin Advisors & Partners Limited, a reference for technological startups and for the space economy.

For all information write to the Leo team: info@leotiaiuta.it

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